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  • Annuals life cycle is one year. They are usually planted spring & summer months, bloom for the season, seed and then die
  • Perennials life cycle grows and flowers year after year. They are often dormant in winter or evergreen.
  • Biennial has a two-year growing life cycle. It produces is vegetation the first year and the second year they flower.
  • Evergreens retain their foliage and stays green year-round.
  • Conifers are cone-bearing plants. They are not necessarily an evergreen, nor even green. They are generally needled or scaled and hold their needles all year.
  • Deciduous Trees & Shrubs drop their leaves seasonally, generally the fall.
  • Shrub/Bush are a woody plant which usually grows low and has several stems. They come in a variety of heights.
  • Trees are a woody plant that usually has a single elongated primary stem (trunk) with few or no branches on the lower part.
  • Vines can be woody or herbaceous plants that trails or climbs and sends stems or runners. Vines need support to let them climb.
  • Herbaceous plants stems and leaves die down at end of the growing season.