So ... here is our first offering to help teach your family how to care for plants.
1 - Choose the type of pot you would like (name & number) along with the type of plant you are looking for.
2 - Call us with your order and payment, and let us know what time works M-F 10-2 to pick up your order.
3 - Our retail staff will put your order together, and bring a cart to a specific numbered parking space at the time scheduled. [Again, this is our first attempt, so we may be making adjustments.]
Remember, plants help boost your mood, provide necessary oxygen, deter illness, clean the air, add moisture to the air, better emotional health, and help with concentration and memory.
Call us 319.329.7178 or email us, if you have ANY questions!

2" pot $14.95 ea
2" animal pot $18.95
4" Big Minute Pot
2" plants $5.49 ea
4" plants $9.99 ea
2" cactus $6.49 ea
4" specialty plants $19.99