Don’t you enjoy walking out into your garden and seeing beautiful, vibrant colors all season long?  BLOOMS has a passion for flowers, which you can see from our incredible selection of annuals. Annuals are a quick way to fill empty spots in flowerbeds.

Whether you are creating a pollinator garden, getting your vegetables ready to grow, we can provide your gardens with the right colors and varieties of annuals from Pansies, Geraniums to Mums and an extensive selection of everything in between.

Our expert gardening staff are eager to share their knowledge and passion of flowers with you. They will help determine your soil conditions, sunny or shady locations and color/plant preferences to help you have the most success by planting the appropriate plants for your garden. When you need containers planted, our staff will help you choose the right “thriller/filler/spiller” materials so you can plant them or bring in your containers and have us plant them up for you.

Our stock is constantly changing so if you are looking for something specific, call us – we are here to help you!



  • Many need water daily, especially if in sun. Water before they wilt.
  • Keep evenly moist 2-3” down. Avoid watering foliage.

Hanging Baskets

  • Always check soil moisture with either your finger (brownie test) or lift the pot to see if it is light (water) or heavy (sufficiently wet)
  • Keep water off foliage as much as possible. Don’t water in the center of the baskets, but under the stems.
  • The wind dries them out faster or the water runs out quickly without wetting the root ball, so don’t hesitate to put them in a bucket until they stop breathing (bubbling). This allows plants and soil to soak up lots of water.
  • Keep deadheading or even cutting off certain branches that aren’t blooming to promote new plant growth.

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