Morgan Creek Park Crabapples

Peter and the BLOOMS staff have been ordering trees, evergreens, fruit trees, shrubs, perennials, annuals, vegetables and hanging baskets for you to enjoy in your yards this year. We have many semis arriving each week. The stock changes daily. Everyone is in the market for rebuilding after Derecho 2020. Stop by BLOOMS today and Get Your Garden On!

It's that Time of Year to Start Dreaming and Planning for Your Outdoor Landscapes & Gardens. What could be easier than sitting at your computer, checking out the wide-variety of plant material, and having it shipped at its prime condition to BLOOMS Garden Center where you can pick it up.

It's Easy Peasy -

  1. Shop for Plants (Monrovia gives you size, color, sun/shade, etc.).
  2. Select BLOOMS Garden Center as your location for pickup.
  3. Pick-up your plants at BLOOMS once you are called that your shipment has been received.


At BLOOMS, we pride ourselves on having a one-of-a-kind, top notch Retail and Green Team staff! They are passionate about what they do and it shows in their work! They are our pros and provide sound advice on plant feeding and propagation to design and gifting.

BLOOMS Gift Shop is one of the first stops on the property and welcomes you with that eclectic farmhouse chic feel. It is filled with unique houseplants arriving weekly, rustic signage, welcome posts and beautiful décor accents.

We are proud to source our products as close to home as possible! From Marion to Edgewood, Iowa - we host items such as artisan earrings, soaps and locally crafted wines, hand-sculpted metal and wood art pieces, small batch candles, and new unique finds daily. We also house the largest collection of Chive pottery in Eastern Iowa. Come check it out!


Blooms Courtyard 2020Stepping through our courtyard and greenhouse, you'll find a wide array of vibrant annuals, healthy perennials, shrubs, carefully selected trees, evergreens, and even a Hobbit Tree for the kids to enjoy.

Our Green Team takes is dedicated to ensuring high quality products and carefully grown plant material for our customers.

They also deliver one-on-one education to our customers for care, maintenance and planting daily.


Our trees are our signature! We are intentional about our growers to ensure the size, growing quality and broad variety for our customers to choose from.

We proudly offer specialty and ornamental fruit trees, large Hoopsies, junipers and evergreens, to show-stopping gingkoes and gorgeous Autumn Glories.

We also keep the trusty Iowa natives on hand, including a wide assortment of maples, oaks and birch.

Not only will our Green and our BladeWorks Landscaping Teams help you select the right tree for your planting conditions and space, but they also offer delivery and install, to help bring the design created by you and our Landscape Designer to life.

Delivery and planting schedules vary dependent on weather and will be discussed upon estimate and/or purchase.

Click Here to Read our Tree Warranty / Plant Return Policy



Have a question about lawn care, plants, trees or even a need for a landscape bid?  Call Us at 319-329-7178 or email us:, and one our Retail, Green or Landscape Team Members will help you!


Mil Discount

Many of our family members served in the US Military and we would like to share our gratitude to you and the sacrifice your families have made.

Thanks from the BLOOMS Family!