You Can't Beat the Versatility of Grasses

Want your landscaping to stand out? Plant ornamental grasses! It is one of the most useful types of plants that provide year-round interest with the many varieties of heights, textures, shapes, and colors. Birds and other wildlife benefit from them in winter as a source of food and cover. They also tend to be deer resistant.

Quick Facts

 Grasses thrive in poorer soils and are drought tolerant.

  Grasses are low maintenance.

  Grasses come in many heights, colors and textures.

Seed heads and foliage add fall and winter interest.

Dried grasses have decorative uses indoors.

Uses as groundcovers, edging, screening, in borders and as accent plants.

Grasses create additional interest by their soft, gentle movement in the breeze. They also add vertical presence to winter landscapes. Grasses grow best in three to five hours of direct sun daily. Most grasses benefit from cutting back just before the new growth begins in spring. Use a hedge shears and wear gloves to prevent cuts from the razor-sharp edges of some varieties.

You can plant them any time, however, the optimum time to plant them if fall, so they become established before winter. Check out our selection!

Purple feather grass maybe
Hameln Fountain Grass